What’s included in the box?2017-06-14T13:30:27+00:00

The Kadabra vape ships with a magnetic charging cable, 2 loose-leaf cartridges, 1 oil/wax cartridge, 2 grills, cleaning utensils, a heat-resistant drawstring bag, a user guide and of course a Kadabra unit!

What can it be used for?2017-06-14T13:25:39+00:00

The Kadabra vaporizer is designed for loose-leaf plant material and concentrates (waxes and oils) with specific cartridges for each.

Can I control the temperature settings?2017-06-14T13:30:45+00:00

Yes, the Kadabra vape has full temperature control by the degree (up to 395°). We offer some suggested temperature ranges to get you started in the accompanying user guide.

How finely should I grind up my plant material, and how tightly should I pack it?2017-06-14T13:30:54+00:00

To a certain extent, this will be a matter of personal preference, but a medium level of coarseness (by breaking it up with your fingers) will work perfectly well. Of course if you like a fine grind level, we sell an optional custom ginder with inserts for your cartridges to catch the material. Due to the cartridge system, there is no concern of fine material getting inside the internals of your device. The cartridges also have a spike extending through the middle, to better heat evenly throughout, eliminating the need to stir your material between uses.

Pack your material down lightly – enough to ensure the cartridge is full and the material is evenly distributed throughout, but not so tight that no air can flow through. Obviously, you need to be able to put the lid back on the cartridge!

If you are using the concentrates cartridge, we recommend starting with a small amount, as the vapor from concentrates will usually be stronger. Just 10 milligrams of material (one small drop) would be a good place to start.

Can I use it without the included cartridges?2017-06-14T13:31:02+00:00

For loose-leaf plant material, yes. We include grilles that will protect the bottom of the oven chamber from debris. However, the cartridges are not only fantastically convenient (pack a couple and swap them on the go) but they help to keep the oven clean and offer a more even heat distribution.

Can I receive only herb cartridges when I order the extra set?2017-06-14T13:31:07+00:00

Of course! We can provide herb cartridge-only refills if desired, just let us know in the order notes!

Do I need to clean it?2017-06-14T13:31:12+00:00

Yes, all vaporizers require occasional cleaning due to the buildup of residue. It’s a good idea to keep your oven chamber and cartridges nice and clean with the provided tools. If however you do find that a cartridge becomes stuck in the chamber due to the sticky residue, don’t panic! Simply turn the unit onto a low temperature and hold it upside down – the cartridge will pop right out in a few seconds. BE CAREFUL – the cartridge will be hot. Use the provided heat resistant bag to catch it, and when it and the heating chamber have cooled down, give them a clean.

You’re also going to want to keep your vapor path and mouthpiece clean. We’ve designed the vapor path so that everything unscrews and comes apart, making cleaning easy and accessible.

If you have a lot of residue build up, you can use a cleaning agent to wipe it away. We recommend a specialist vaporizer cleaning solution available from many online retailers, as isopropyl alcohol and acetone solutions will be harsh on the plastic mouthpiece, and alkaline solutions may damage the color of the unit if used improperly. Take care to ensure that your unit is completely clear and dry of all cleaning solution before using it again.

The device becomes quite hot after repeated use – is this normal?2017-06-14T13:31:17+00:00

Yes, if you are using the device intensively, it will heat up on the exterior and this is nothing to worry about. If you feel the device is becoming too hot to handle – it might be time for you and the device to cool down for a minute!

Can I use it while charging?2017-06-14T13:31:23+00:00

For safety reasons the device cannot be used while charging, however it does not need to be fully charged to use and a quick 20 minute charge will be plenty to run a full cycle.

Any other tips?2017-06-14T13:27:05+00:00

If you have previous experience with vaporizers, you’ll know that they usually have their own draw (rate of inhalation) characteristics. Many require a steady, long draw.

The Kadabra unit, due to the oven and cartridge design, heats the material very quickly and effectively. We recommend trying shorter, gentler and more frequent draws – you’ll find the device keeps up with you very well. A big pull might result a in little more vapor than you were expecting, so start slow and take it from there!

Also, when closing the lids on your cartridges, there’s no need to close them too tight – just a slight twist. Due to the heating and cooling effect of the metal, a tightly closed cartridge might take a bit of effort to open again.